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Franz Architects are more than designers or consultants. We are committed to assisting in every detail of your industrial, commercial, or medical project, from initial consultation and pre-design to construction contract administration and oversight. We strive to provide exceptional support during every phase of your project while being mindful of both your time and your budget.

We promise to listen to your needs actively, communicate every step of the way, and execute your wishes into functional, efficient, and beautiful works of art. We individualize spaces for specific industries, needs, styles, and uses, and we love thinking outside of the box to problem-solve the hurdles that come up in large, medium, and small projects alike.

Our planning and architectural services can cover preparation and design phases and the administration of construction contracts.

Preparation & Design

Our architectural and planning services include more than just aesthetics and organization. They also ensure that your building designs follow zoning, building codes, and safety requirements.

Contract Administration

Our construction contract administration services can include our architects acting as your agent in several functions during the construction process to protect your interests, like supporting negotiations with contractors for project bids and confirming that contractors construct the building as agreed upon and designed.

Our Services

Not all aspects or services are needed for all projects, but as your full-service architectural firm, Franz can provide any planning, design, or administration services required for your specific plan.

3D Rendering

The first step to a great plan is a tangible picture of the final product. Upon our initial meeting, we will define the purpose and basic requirements for your project, known as its program. Our expert architects can take your initial thoughts or concepts and sketch them into a 3D-image of the final structure. This image is as accurate as a photograph of your completed product or project.

Site Planning

Our site planning lays the foundation for the rest of our development process. This planning process involves the initial research of city zoning ordinances as well as the size of the site. We will analyze the location to verify size and ‘test fit’ a particular building on the proposed site to preliminarily verify if the site could work for the desired use. This allows for clients to quickly decide how much time and money they should invest into a project. If a proposed site works, then our site planning can be used to present the location as being a good fit. This can facilitate moving forward with a potential lease agreement.

Existing Building Documentation

The first step to a great plan is a tangible picture of the final product. Upon our initial meeting, we will define the purpose and basic requirements for your project, known as its program. Our expert architects can take your initial thoughts or concepts and sketch them into a 3D-image of the final structure. This image is as accurate as a photograph of your completed product or project.

Building Assessment

Our building assessments include a visit to the location to determine the existing conditions of the building and document them through detailed photographs. Our building assessment includes the review of construction, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, paving, landscaping, parking, and more features. Franz will then provide both a written report and photographs to detail the condition of each element for future planning, development, repairs, renovations, and cost planning.

Site Investigation

Site investigations are used when a client identifies a plot of land or an existing building as a potential candidate for development. By investigating the site, we can discover any items that may cause issue for the location’s use. A review of existing zoning and building codes will determine if the proposed use complies, and if they do not, Franz will research what actions are needed in order to comply or modify the current zoning. Franz will then gather all information, applications, and fees for Permits, Licenses and zoning. If there is an existing building, our team will document it by performing a survey and creating an As-Built floor plan.

Programming Assessment

Franz Architects can provide programming assessments to assist in the decision-making process of identifying the scope of work for your project. Our assessment gathers and analyzes amassed data early in your project’s process so that your design is based on complete and accurate decisions.

Master Planning

Master planning is the critical first step in our design and development process. It creates an encompassing plan for your project to allow the development of individual phases with a strategy for your long-term goals. Our process includes examining the intricacies of the design of the building, surrounding infrastructure, local requirements, purpose, and goals of the project. In addition, the Franz team will lay out budgetary and structural requirements, views, and other design options.

Interior Design

Franz not only works on exterior designs and architectural planning but interior design as well. We work closely with clients to ensure that the interior aesthetics of each space are functional and cohesive. We offer space planning, material, finish and color selection, furniture specification, and installation oversight to guarantee your project is seamless from outside to inside and top to bottom.

Facility Capacity Study

Your facility’s capacity is the highest potential output of a product when you are working at maximum capability. This study shows you not only the capabilities of your output but the maximum capacity for your building. By having an accurate picture of the scale of your operation, demand, and needs, you can better adjust for future facility planning.

Cost Estimating

Franz can perform cost estimates to determine a project’s scope and feasibility in order to create an accurate budget estimation. This assists in selecting contractor and construction bids, as well as planning for funding. Our estimates are prepared with input from our architects and partner engineers to ensure each project will meet financial feasibility and scope requirements.

Quality Service with a Superior History

We believe in building relationships, as well as projects. This means the architectural team you start with will be the same team working with you until construction is complete.

Instead of bouncing you around from one team member to another, we believe that working closely with your core team and lead architect helps with efficiency, accuracy, and overall ease for your project. We want to build a relationship with our clients so we can better understand your needs, goals, and hurdles.

Intentions are great, but they need to be relevant, buildable, and able to be constructed within a desired time frame and budget. Our extensive experience and diversified client base allow us to take any project head-on and provide a quality product at an exceptional speed, as our team can take a design, create a concept, and use that concept to create a detailed set of buildable construction documents.

We are dedicated to assisting you in every detail of your project from start to finish by providing excellent support while being mindful of time and budget. We feel our experience and ability to provide a quick response and turnaround times on our projects speak volumes about our dedication to our clients and their timelines.

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